Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travel plans achieve latency, rivetingly

(I promise my next post will be more exciting).

So with two weeks till departure, the first traces of organisation are finally beginning to coalesce. The current visa debacle aside, Til just booked our accommodation in London for Christmas at the Piccadilly Backpackers Hotel. Apparently it's ridiculously central. Accross the road from Trafalgar Square and around the corner from Pall Mall or something. Til and I were saying we can't believe those places actually exist! The hotel itself looks really cool as well. It has art rooms you stay in? Not really sure what they are but it sounds awesome. Pics available here. 

I've also received an offer of accommodation at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in one of the (apparently) famous 'Ziggurat-style' student residences on campus:

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I get my own room with free internet, sharing facilities with like, eleven other students or something, which should be great for meeting people. It works out to be around $125 a week, which is less rent that I'm paying as it is in Australia. Tilly's staying across the park from me in the same style accommodation in Suffolk Terrace. Here's the interior:

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That's it for now. If anyone knows anything about UK visas, please help us. Dear god, please.

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