Thursday, September 27, 2012

The faces of europe part one: anthropomorphic human narcissism

During our travels throughout Europe, I couldn't help but notice things that looked like faces everywhere. I started collecting photos of these things for amusement. I can only put it down to a narcissistic tendency for humans to either see themselves everywhere, or to create things in their own image. Enjoy!

Monkeyface on a bus.

Drunkenface in Amsterdam on Queen's Day.

Terrified brickface in Amsterdam.

Evil Metropolitanface in Paris.

Dumbface in Paris.

Babyface in Brussels.

Binface in Prague.

Giant toothyface in Prague.

Deathmaskface in Berlin.

Ironface in Berlin.

Blueface in London.

Graffitiface in Granada.

Smokerface in Granada.

Alhambraface in Granada.

Prettyface in Granada.

Doorbellface in Venice.

Drawnface in Venice.

Bridgeface in Venice.

Deepsea fishface in Venice.

Smileyface on a bus.

Lightswitchface in Newcastle.

Dumbface in Newcastle.

Bottlecapface in Berlin.

Toiletface in Berlin.

Miss Clavelface in France.

Wallface in London.

Chilled-out bagface in Norwich.

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