Thursday, September 27, 2012

The faces of europe part three: til pulling ridiculous faces

Another thing I noticed reviewing the photos from our trip was the number of ridiculous photos of Tilly we have. I had to share some:

Fat Tilly in my room in Norwich, UK.

Facepalm Til in a club in London, UK.

Wide-eyed Til at the Tower of London, UK.

Vicious Til in a park in London, UK.

Riley Til on a bus in France.

Asian Til in a French supermarket.

Lippy Til in a park in Paris, France.

Nose-picking Til in the Louvre, Paris.

Baghead Til in our French hostelroom.

Windblown Til and I in Brussels, Belgium.

Dramatic Til in Prague, Czech Republic.

Frenzied Til in Prague, Czech Republic.

Shocked Til in Prague, Czech Republic.

Bespectacled Til in Berlin, Germany.

Emotionless Til in Berlin, Germany.

Double bespectacled Til in Berlin, Germany.

Dejected Til in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sad Til in a hammock shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sourface Til in Vondelpark, Amsterdam.

Voldemort Til in a cinema in Amsterdam.

Argumentative Til in a castle in England, UK.

Wide-eyed Til in the Colosseum in Rome.

Bizzare Til in our Berlin hostelroom.

Despondent Til in Norwich, UK.

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